Off to New Zealand!

We’re off to New Zealand this morning! We said goodbye to our families and friends, and are en route to Antarctica, where we’ll stay until early January. We fly from Maine to Philadelphia to Dallas to Sydney, Australia and finally to Christchurch, New Zealand. It will be a long couple of days of travel, but we have plenty of books, podcasts, crosswords, and coloring books to get us through. We’ll check in again once we’re in the land of the Kiwis.

Want to see what we’re bringing on our Antarctic expedition? Everything is pictured below. And we’re off!


Gear for Antarctica: Backpack, maps, pants (long underwear, fleece, Carhartt), long underwear tops, puffy jacket, fleece jackets, gloves, socks, sunglasses, hats, down booties, and mountaineering boots.


Everything above fit into this duffel, which came in right under the 50 pound limit!


2 responses to “Off to New Zealand!

    • Hi Kylee! Around McMurdo we wear jeans (sometimes with long underwear underneath), a long-sleeve shirt, puffy jacket, a wool hat, and gloves. However, once we’re in the field it will be much colder and we’ll wear more clothing. Depending on the day, we may be wearing long underwear, snow pants, puffy jacket(s), our “Big Red” jackets–heavy duty Antarctic down jackets, mountaineering boots, large gloves, a neck warmer, and a hat or two. Thanks for the question!


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