To the deep field!

Today we’re headed to Shackleton Glacier Camp, where we’ll spend a night or so while we wait to be flown to our first field site. In the past few days, we’ve been packing up all of our equipment and food. All of our cargo totaled to over 4,000 pounds!

Yesterday, we practiced snowmobile driving and crevasse rescue — important for when we are walking on glaciers so that we know how to save one of our team members if they fall through a hole in the ice.We had a beautiful snowmobile ride to the flanks of Mt. Erebus, an active volcano visible from McMurdo station!

More from the field soon!


3 responses to “To the deep field!

    • Hi J.W.! In the morning we would usually have cereal with dried milk and hot water. Throughout the day we’d eat snacks like granola and chocolate bars to keep our energy up while we were sampling. In the evenings, we’d make large dinners like stir-fry or lentils to fill us up. And yes, most of the food did freeze! However, our kitchen tent was generally warm enough that we could thaw our food, especially when the stoves were going. Some of our food–like the meats and cheeses–we actually wanted to keep frozen. So we dug a hole in the snow near our kitchen tent and kept our frozen food boxes in there. It was like a makeshift freezer!


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