Notes from the field

Hello All!

Just caught wind from the field, it sounds like things are going swimmingly out there. The crew is enjoying balmy weather, no cooler than -10  °C, ideal conditions for all the walking they are doing! The camp is situated about two miles from the closest moraine, meaning a minimum of four miles per day. They’re sampling wizards so obviously they’ve already sampled this closest moraine and consequently need to travel about ten miles per day to reach others. They’ve collected 60+ samples thus far and should have well over 100 once they’ve bashed all the boulders there are to be bashed.

I now present you with a groundbreaking scientific equation, derived from all the team’s hard work down there.

∑(lots of walking) + (chilly temps) + (much boulder bashing) =  5 ± 1 Cb/D

Cb/D = Chocolate bars per day.

Happy Holidays!

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