Back to Antarctica

…And, we’re back! Am headed to Antarctica for another field season, this time with UMaine professor Dr. Brenda Hall and two UMaine undergraduates, Laura Mattas and Tyler Pollock. We will be headed to the Royal Society Range, which are 14,000 foot mountains located across the Ross Sea from McMurdo Station. There we will be studying the retreat of the Antarctic Ice Sheet at the end of the last ice age collecting rocks and ancient algae. Yup, algae in Antarctica! Here Royal Societies in all their glory, as last year from the window of McMurdo’s library:


View of the Royal Society Range from the Crary Library at McMurdo.

Right now, I am waiting in the Houston airport with Laura for our 14-hour flight to Auckland, New Zealand. There, we will meet up with Tyler and three of us will fly to Christchurch, New Zealand. That’s the jumping off point for the United States Antarctic Program. Over the next few days, we will get our “Extreme Cold Weather” clothing (also known as ECW), complete some trainings, and board a big military plane for Antarctica! Check out some of the posts from last year for some idea of what’s to come.

To make sure you’re up to date on all of our adventures, follow this blog! While in the field, we will also send tweets, so follow us on Twitter at @ancientmoraines.

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