Field Sites

Where in Antarctica?


Our field sites are located in the heart of the Transantarctic Mountains, which separate the East Antarctic Ice Sheet from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. In the inset, our sites our outlined from left to right: Roberts Massif, Otway Massif, and the Dominion Range. EAIS = East Antarctic Ice Sheet, RIS = Ross Ice Shelf.

Field Site Aerial Photos

Dominion Range


We’ll be visiting the Dominion Range this year! Can you see the moraines everywhere? Stay tuned for photos from our fieldwork here.

Roberts Massif


We took samples at Roberts Massif last year at all labeled locations except the Land of Milk and Honey. We will be returning this year to collect samples there.

Otway Massif


We visited Otway Massif last year. While we won’t be returning there this year, you can still see photos of Otway on this blog, and read about Holly’s experience while she was there in our first three posts!