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What do you eat in the frozen weather? Wouldn’t your food freeze? Where do you keep your food?

In the morning we would usually have cereal with dried milk and hot water. Throughout the day we’d eat snacks like granola and chocolate bars to keep our energy up while we were sampling. In the evenings, we’d make large dinners like stir-fry or lentils to fill us up. And yes, most of the food did freeze! However, our kitchen tent was generally warm enough that we could thaw our food, especially when the stoves were going. Some of our food–like the meats and cheeses–we actually wanted to keep frozen. So we dug a hole in the snow near our kitchen tent and kept our frozen food boxes in there. It was like a makeshift freezer!

How many layers do you usually wear?

It depended on how cold it was each day! But usually a long sleeve shirt, a fleece, a thin puffy jacket, and a wind layer. I also wore snow bibs everyday, which were good for blocking the wind.

How many samples did you get?

Over 160! We took about 7 samples from each moraine; each moraine took ~1.5-2 hours to sample. Since we only had 9 sampling days, you can imagine we were working hard!